10 Honest Relationship Memes About Heartbreak, Healing & Being Humble


Really heartbreak and love make us better people.

Love is tough.

And whether it’s really supposed to be that way or not, I’m actually not sure. I’ve heard one too many mixed messages, but after a rough streak, I certainly wouldn’t mind if it didn’t have to be that way.

Nevertheless, it’s an inevitable part of life — love and heartbreak. Heartbreak and then right back at love. It’s an affliction! It really is. But, if you’ve ever had your heart broken the one thing you know is that it has the ability to humble you.

You just know what you went through and if you’re a half decent person you do your damnedest not to put other people through that. Sometimes shit happens, yes I get it; but for the most part, you make a conscious effort not to shit on other folks arts by stringing them along or lying or any of that shit.

And although you eventually stop living in such vivid pain, you never really forget your mindset how bad of a state you were in at the time you were living through it all. And, eventually, you get to the point where you can giggle to yourself as you think about that time you never thought you’d make it through but look at you now.

That’s also around the time where these 10 relatable internet memes won’t make you break down crying unless it’s from crying-laughing at how true they are.

Some of these relationship memes are just downright funny and others will make you stop and go «damn that’s real.» Either way, these relationship memes are 100 percent felt to the core if you’ve ever been on the receiving end of heartbreak and they’re the type of memes that will humble you as you think about old or current circumstances.

I mean, call a spade a spade. Right?

Wishful Thinking
These types of relationships always leave you feeling like you cared more, perhaps that’s why they say find someone who likes you a little more than you like them.

Definitely food for thought.

If you’ve ever dealt with a lying, cheating fuckboy you know this becomes your life. Pure paranoia at every waking moment. But, in the end you can add PI to your resume.

When you send a long-ass text telling him all the reasons why you’re done and you think he might be ignoring you.
Fool me once … shame on you. Fool me twice … not gonna happen. Not today.

Disappointing Expectations
It’s hard to do without the expectation of the same in return, but it makes it even more difficult when the person refusing to reciprocate is a total asshole.
Upgrade You
One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Yes. Sorry, it took you so long to realize it though.

Goodbye …. Forreal
When you’re finally done digging through his phone, looking for every reason to hang on, and he doesn’t seem to believe you.
Never, Never
NEVER. Do you hear me? Never.

Wine is Sweet
Well … I’m just saying.