10 Incredibly Cool Yachts We’ll Buy When We Become Billionaires


Traveling by sea is a great pleasure. Especially if you travel on your own yacht: beautiful, comfortable, and luxurious!

Even if we aren’t billionaires, we know for sure how we want to relax. And we invite you to take a look.

Yacht «A»


The world’s largest sailing boat, mega yacht “A,“ belongs to Russian billionaire Andrey Melnichenko. Its name comes from the first letter of the owner’s and his wife Alexandra’s name (you can see her in the photo next to the pool). The ”A» cost the owner more than $300 million, and it was created by the famous designer Philippe Starck. The yacht’s length is 120 meters (nearly a football and basketball field if you put them next to each other). It has 3 swimming pools, one of them with a glass bottom which is at the same time a disco ceiling on the floor below.

«Maltese Falcon»


A high-speed yacht, “Maltese Falcon“ is similar to a pirate ship from the XVIII century. However, it is filled with ”smart» equipment, so it can be driven by only 1 person. When it’s coursing through the sea under all sails, it’s a wonderful and fascinating sight. There are lots of different entertainments: guests can go water skiing, ride boats and scooters, and in the evening watch movies on the deck, sipping cocktails. And all this pleasure costs “only” $400,000 per week.

«Streets of Monaco»


A Monaco that’s always with us. The «Streets of Monaco» yacht is only a project, and if a rich man decides to build it, it will be the craziest boat that ever existed. All they need is $1.1 billion. The mega yacht brings together the most well-known attractions of Monaco: from the famous Monte Carlo casino to the Formula 1 race track.



In 2013, «Azzam» was the world’s largest yacht at 180 m long. According to rumors, the luxurious yacht’s owner is Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the President of the United Arab Emirates. There’s a helicopter and submarines onboard, the yacht is served by 500 people, and it’s filled with enough fuel to take a round-the-world trip without entering a port. By the way, the President himself is living large, and he’s famous for big gestures: when he was elected, he raised the salaries of all citizens by 100%.



A beautiful yacht, «Jazz» is like a swift and graceful marine animal, designed by Zaha Hadid. An avant-garde type of vessel that will make all the billionaires and movie stars on classic yachts die of envy.



This yacht is not the most expensive — “only“ $350 million — but it is definitely one of the most beautiful. It’s decorated with mosaics, luxurious furniture and interiors, and works of art. The yacht belongs to Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Emir of Dubai and the UAE Prime Minister. ”Dubai» is usually anchored to the artificial Logo Island, looking like a palm leaf, which also belongs to Sheikh Mohammed.



Compared to other yachts, Skyback is a baby: its length is only 80 meters. But the cabins are extremely luxurious, and there’s a cinema, gym, spa, and its main feature — a pool on the deck. In winter or in colder latitudes it can be covered with a transparent dome, and the owner can give disco parties at night.



«Eclipse» is one of the most luxurious and expensive yachts in the world. It cost $1.2 billion and belongs to Roman Abramovich, who perfectly knows how to travel in style and luxury. The mega yacht has a concert hall, a cinema, a wine cellar, and two swimming pools, one of which turns into a dance floor. There are also 2 helicopters, 4 boats, 20 scooters, and — attention! — a submarine for 12 people.

«Tropical Island Paradise»


“Tropical Island Paradise“ is for those who own a small island in the tropics but think that’s not enough. This island can sail through the seas to wherever you want to go. It is a mini tropical village, with houses and palm trees. The owner’s cabin is located in a ”volcano,» erupting a waterfall into the pool. The guests can live in little huts on the deck. The yacht exists only in the project stage, as it’s waiting for a billionaire to invest in its construction.


A futuristic mega yacht, “Palladium“ is owned by billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov and is decorated with such taste and luxury that the word ”jealous» is too weak to describe others’ feelings about it. Just take a look at this incredibly beautiful amber sink. In 2010, the “Palladium” won the award for the best design among yachts.