14 Strange (But Totally Cool) Uses For Your Deodorant! We All Should Know This!


Even in Ancient Egypt people were looking for ways to keep body sweet swelling. They immersed themselves in scented and used perfumes. The ancient Greeks copied these practices and spread them around the world. For example, the ancient Romans even perfumed their horses! They liked to smell good.

The first modern deodorant appeared in the United States in 1888. You will be surprised to know that your deodorants have multiple uses.

The sweat is not a cause of the smell.

It is the bacteria in the sweat that makes it foul.

The deodorants for men and women are the same!

The only differences are packing and fragrance.

1. If your feet get sweaty and smelly, use deodorant on the bottom of your feet and let it dry. Then you are ready to put your shoes on.

2. Our breasts also get sweaty, so use a deodorant under the breast too.


3. If your sunglasses are slipping off your nose, apply your roll-on to the bridge of your nose.

4. If you hadn’t a chance to wash your hair, roll your deodorant over the scalp. It will absorb the extra oil.

If you like running, use the deodorant on your hairline to avoid the sweat on your face.

5. Apply antiperspirant on your back in the summer to avoid the awkward sweat.

6.If your jeans are too skinny, roll the deodorant on your legs to slip on into your pants.

7. If your hands are clammy, just use the deodorant to keep them dry.

8. Acne.


Acne is unpleasant at any ages. Use deodorants with mineral salts to dry out zits.

9. Apply your deodorant in the inner thighs to avoid the pain and discomfort when they rub against each other in the summer.

10. Open a new stick and leave it in the closet for a fresh smell.

11. Use your deodorant with your new pair of shoes.


Just roll it in the area where the material rubs.

12. Make-up for a million dollars.

Just use your antiperspirant on the T-zone area to matte your face.

13. Yes, your child is the next Picasso, but you can use a spray deodorant to clean your walls painted with markers.

Spray it over the walls and use paper towels after that.

14. You can stop your squeaky doors by using a spray deodorant.

Just spray the area, and you will see the result!

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Source: lifebuzz.com