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Once a cheat, always a cheat. Perhaps you’ve had your heart epically broken, cried into an ice cream tub for days on end, and then proceeded to religiously stalk your ex’s Facebook pictures. Your friends all console you whilst bombarding your ex’s inbox with not so much passive but definitely aggressive messages.

However, you probably didn’t do anything more than that; unlike the people below who have been wronged by their loved one. I mean, they had a thing or two to say about their heartbreak and they didn’t hold back one bit. Check out the photos on the following pages where 17 cheaters got exactly what they deserved. As I always say, revenge is a dish best served stone cold. Because who doesn’t like the sweet, sweet taste of revenge?

1. Front row seats


2. Legit website


3. Drive safe!


4. Not the best move, Linnie


I wonder if you would see the funny side to it, like these people? Head to the next page to see a self-confessed cheater looking for love – I mean, it’s not exactly Disney’s definition of love but still.

5. A different kind of love letter


6. Smart guy…


7. Anyone got a cloth?


I’m beginning to almost feel sorry for those cheaters who bore the brunt of this. Then again, nah. They probably deserved it. Click to the next page to see more hilariously brutal revenge.

8. The dangers of joint bank accounts


9. Detective work


10. Ouch


11. Absolute gold


These are getting even harsher! Not sure I can cope with the cringe anymore. Flick to the next page to see how far people can really go when they’ve been betrayed.

12. Cool as a cucumber


13. Bit of a sticky situation


Wow, these guys certainly weren’t bitter or anything. Still, it must’ve felt great to get their own back. For those on the receiving end however, the revenge probably tasted more sour than the lemon this baby tries to eat in the adorable video below.

So we’ve all learnt something here. Don’t cheat. Don’t even think about it. Karma is a b*tch and it will come back and bite you.