17 Habits Of Happy Independent Women — How Many Do You Have?


Being an independent woman, and a happy one at that, is the most important person you can be. When you’re not dependent on anyone else, you get to live your life, on your terms, and not really give a flying fuck about the judgments of others. You don’t have to wait for people, you never put yourself second, and your complete self-awareness keeps you always doing your thing —happily so. Not sure if this describes you? Here’s how badass independent women do things.


1. She Goes To Restaurants Alone.
And never brings a book to hide behind, because restaurants are for eating, not pretending to read a book as some sort of safety blanket. Hell, she even prefers to go alone, so she can have some time alone while enjoying 1000 calories of awesomeness.

2. She Never Waits Around For Some Guy To Call Or Text.
If he’s into her, then cool. If not, she’s not going to stare at phone, get all upset, and cry herself to sleep. She doesn’t have time for that. She already knows she’s a catch.

3. She Prefers To Travel Solo.
Because nothing says killjoy like waiting for your traveling buddy to get ready in the morning or throw a minor fit because she wasn’t at the La Sagrada Familia exactly at 11. I mean, come on.

4. She Doesn’t Roll With The Crowd.
The crowd is almost always boring. She prefers taking other roads to get to where she’s going.

5. She’s Confident Enough To Walk Away From A Bad Situation.
Whether it’s a date that has gone sour or a job that doesn’t offer enough, she knows when to walk away and start anew.

6. She Buys Her Own Flowers.
It’s a symbolic gesture that she does not need someone else to do it.

7. She’s Not Looking For A Boyfriend; She’s Looking For An Equal Partner.
She doesn’t have to be someone’s girlfriend, so she wants someone who can stand on their own two feet, too, equal in their own independence.

8. She Recognizes She’s An Asset In Every Possible Way.
Because of this, she’s fearless when it comes to asking for a raise and never settles for second best.

9. She Doesn’t Have Time For Bullshit.
She doesn’t play games, she doesn’t waste her time, and she sure as hell isn’t going to get sucked into drama.

10. She Stands By Her Convictions.
Which means she never wavers and is totally going to kick anyone’s ass in any political debate.

11. She Doesn’t Need To Be Spoiled.
She can spoil herself, thank you very much.

12. She Reaches For The Bill.
Of course, having dinner paid for is always a nice gesture, but she wants to make it clear that she can easily take care of herself.

13. She Gives Needy People The Boot.
If you can’t come to the party a whole person and you need to be reassured and cradled like a needy kid, then you’re out the door. She wants an equal, no to be someone’s babysitter.

14. She Puts Her Goals First.
This doesn’t mean she disregards others in her life, but she’ll be damned if she lets someone stand in her way of achieving success.

15. She Knows Exactly Who She Is And What She Wants.
And she’s not afraid to be vocal about it and go for it.

16. She Will Never Need Anyone.
She knows the difference between need and want, and while she may want people, she will never, ever need them.

17. She Doesn’t Apologize.