20 People Who Are Kinda Mad And Rightfully So


Sometimes things don’t happen the way they’re supposed to. For these rightfully mad people, life just didn’t give them a break. Why does everything have to be so hard sometimes? Some people will say getting mad isn’t worth it, but these people are mad, and they need everyone to know why.
People with righteous anger are few and far between. Most people will just get angry at the smallest things, losing their temper for no reason, but these people have every right to be angry. They have been wronged and they need everyone to know. These rightfully mad people can’t just let these injustices go.
From terrible food, to ruined photos, to people just behaving oddly in their presence, these people are mad for a number of reasons. Do they have a right to be angry? Of course they do! Once you see how the world has wronged these rightfully mad people, you’ll understand why they felt the need to speak out.

1. These people are mad about a botched vacation photo. When you just want a picture of yourself parasailing and see that someone was thinking of cutting your rope, you get a little peeved.
2. People with righteous anger can be any age. This poor girl just wanted a nice shot of her in her prom dress, and this guy’s hot dogging it in the background.

3. This guy has a right to be angry. He just tried to give his dog a bath, and now he has a hot pink pup. At least he’ll stand out at the dog park.
4. Rightfully mad people are not to be trifled with. There’s playing the victim and then there’s this pitiful display. Hope that pavement is more comfortable than it looks.

5. People with righteous anger about food have the right to be angry. Who would ever want their chicken sandwich cooked medium rare? Salmonella is the ultimate insult.

6. Speaking of people with righteous anger about food, what’s worse than a promise not delivered? This poor excuse for a pizza would make anyone angry.

7. How can anyone deny rightfully mad people the right to be angry in a situation like this? Certainly, the delivery person could have been more careful, even if the contents weren’t extremely fragile.
8. Usually, a milkshake should come in a cup, right? How exactly did someone think this was appropriate? This person who only wanted a delicious shake definitely has a right to be angry.


9. People with righteous anger have no problem sharing their issues with the internet. This person thought they were getting a regular sized desk lamp. Not quite.
10. There’s been anger about prom and anger about broken promises, but this poor girl, unfortunately, got hit with both. If anyone has a right to be angry, it’s her.


11. A lot of these people are mad about food, but really, when your food is messed up, that’s a reason to be angry. Who wants just one tiny pickle on a burger? Not cool.

12. Sometimes rightfully mad people aren’t people at all. This dog certainly looks annoyed with his owner’s Cheerio placing antics. How long until those Cheerios end up on the floor?


13. If there’s one thing rightfully mad people can agree on, it seems to be that they don’t like the behavior of others. This guy probably doesn’t appreciate having his foot touched by a stranger.
14. Once again food proves to be the catalyst for rightfully mad people. Really though, why would anyone ever eat doughnuts like this? It’s absolutely monstrous.

15. Some might say this cat has no right to be angry. It probably gets lots of attention, but as soon as this dog gets the smallest bit, this cat is giving him the evil eye.

16. This horse obviously did not like her braids. According to her owner, she literally spat in their boots after getting her hair done. Once again, sometimes people with righteous anger are actually animals.

17. Food definitely seems to be one of the main reasons that these people are mad, but it seems to go deeper. This is less about the amount of frosting than a broken promise.

18. What a tragedy it is when your food becomes trapped in its container. This delicious beverage will probably never be enjoyed by anyone now. This would give anyone a right to be angry.

19. When you’re looking for a good meal and you get something entirely unexpected, it can really ruin your day. It’s unclear what exactly this is supposed to be, but it can’t be chicken.
20. Finally, the one thing all rightfully mad people can agree on: don’t call something a cookie if it’s not sweet and delicious. Flavorless circles have no place on grocery shelves.

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