25 Wickedly Clever Jokes For The Science Nerd In Your Life


Are you a big fan of all things academic? Do you tend to be on the awkward side in social situations? When someone skips a step in the scientific method, do you just have to point it out? Well, we’re sorry to break it to you, but you’re probably a nerd.

The good news is that nerds are taking over the Internet (and the world, it seems), so you’re in great company. Just take a look around and you’ll find that nerds are definitely enjoying a major moment.

In celebration of the all things geeky, why don’t you put your abacus to the side and enjoy these 25 hilariously specific jokes for nerds just like you? Drink in the nerdiness; you’ve earned it.

1. If you aren’t familiar with this meme of a bespectacled cat doing chemistry while making cheesy jokes about math and science, it’s time to change that right now. We dare you not to snort with laughter.

2. If you laugh when you read this next one, then you have clearly spent more than a normal amount of time going over the periodic table of elements. Then again, what does “normal” even mean?

3. Dr. Kitty McOneliner, is back and this time he’s doing a pun on the old “man walks into a bar”—science-style. Humor aside, if a neutron walked into a bar and you’ve witnessed it, you’ve already had enough to drink.

4. Infectious diseases are no joke… except for when they totally are. Is stuff like Ebola or Zika prime material for comedy? Some would say no, but then they probably haven’t read this, have they?


5. If you’re a nerd and you’d like to make a joke, the key is to take things only you and your friends understand and then make them relatable to everyone else. Who doesn’t love a good ol’ joke about cats and dogs?



6. Whoa. This one manages to be both a hilarious science joke and pretty darn existential. Knowing this cop’s luck he probably also pulled over Schrödinger and asked him, “What’s in the box?” Science jokes for the win.


7. Great, after reading this joke all we can think about is a rainbow wearing sunglasses while brandishing a switchblade. Pretty darn amusing thought, but that makes it hard to get anything else done around here!


8. Ha! A diamond wearing a fedora and teeny tiny tie? And here we thought the whole coal-to-diamond joke was funny enough. This drawing makes the gag even funnier.


9. Are you a true and devoted fan of this Chemistry Cat and his ridiculously good science jokes yet? Don’t worry if you’re not, this list is only just beginning. You’ll be spending plenty of time together…


10. It’s a play on words and a chemical equation! The mind boggles at what a truly committed nerd and lover of comedy can do if they put their geeky mind to their craft. Bravo!



11. Okay, Chemistry Cat, we get it, comedy is hard. They can’t all be winners. The pun is strong with this one, but so is the “dissolving bear” imagery, and we have to be honest: that’s pretty disturbing.
1112. This goofy so-and-so-walked-into-the-bar classic also serves as an important lesson in chemical safety to us all. Get your chemistry wrong and you might never walk into another bar again!

13. Okay, Chemistry Cat, we’re back on board with you and your pun-based shenanigans. We have to give it up for any joke that manages to combine beef-based humor with science. It’s just too good.

14. Remember that time there was a whole joke about a cop stopping Heisenberg and we made… this exact joke! Oh man, does that mean the longer we look at these jokes the nerdier we become? Send help! And a pocket protector!

15. It is safe to say at this point that Chemistry Cat has trumped every other player in the game when it comes to dishing out hilarious science goofs to share with your nerdiest friends? Yes, yes it is. That furry scamp!

1516. Pretty funny, but our panel of nerd judges has one note regarding this particular yuk-yuk: if you have to include the equation itself, is the joke still as solid? Not that we don’t all love equations, obviously.
17. In keeping with the hilarious and substantive nerd joke below, when it comes to our future, be the precipitate you want to see in the world. Don’t see that quoted on Pinterest too often, do you?

18. If you really want to get technical, there are people who understand binary code and the rest of us are just a bunch of 1000010110010010101, get it? Computer humor never gets old; it just repeats.
19. While some of us still have PTSD where calculus is involved, true nerds love nothing more than to take the world’s most challenging math and turn it into a joke they find just hilarious. Where do you stand?
20. It’s important to stay positive, as any nerd can tell you—which is something this cartoon demonstrates quite well. That is, unless you’re an electron… in which case, we all know how negative you can be!20

21. Oh gosh, science, you really put all of us nerds through our paces with these gags of yours! After looking at enough Chemistry Cat memes, it’s hard to tell which ones are hysterical and which ones are just so-so. But who cares?!21

22. Just when you thought you were never ever going to have to hear another “how many X does it take to screw in a lightbulb” jokes, the world of science comes back at you with this winner!

23. What is it about chemical elements wearing cut-off shorts? Beats us, but we do know that we can’t stop laughing whenever we look at this drawing below. And that’s good enough for us all!
24. The only thing that can make a pun even more groan-worthy? When that pun is delivered inside of an already nerdy-as-heck science joke! This one really takes the cake, don’t you think?
25. Feminism and science all rolled into one priceless goof? Yes please, sounds good to us! Tony Stark better look out, because Iron Woman is here and she isn’t take garbage from anyone!
Didn’t get it? Oops. Quick, go freshen up on your science!

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