3 Men Line Up On Stage — But When They Peel Off The Tape, The Judges Leap To Their Feet


I remember being so impressed with my brother’s best friend growing up. He would perform magic tricks and slight-of-hand bluffs… but something tells me he wouldn’t be able to quite master the incredible illusions three men with tape on their faces manage to pull off in the clip below.

You probably remember the bizarrely hilarious antics of the “Tape Face” on the latest season of America’s Got Talent, but the trio below who showed up on the Australian version of the show definitely had their own unique spin in their performance.

Even before the magicians began their audition, they got some help from the host as he rushed off the stage and confused the judges by stealing one of their shoes.

Sitting next to the victim of shoe theft, Kelly Osbourne looked completely baffled as the men, who are known as The Gentlemen of Deceit, made their way to the stage.

“Obviously, it’s not a great time to talk to you,” judge Eddie Perfect joked while they stood silently with his pilfered shoe in front of them.

Soon enough, the quiet group had the audience and judges laughing with their goofy charm as they began to pull out strange objects from the judge’s previously empty shoe.

But it’s the tape-faced magicians’ big reveal that starts at about 2:20 that really had the judges and audience members gasping in disbelief.

Take a look below to see what had the whole room on their feet in applause and be sure to Liked VIdeo their impressive tricks with your friends!