A Small Boy Approach A Lion Cage At The Zoo. What Happened Next Is Incredible…


What happened to this little boy at the El Paso Zoo is really incredible. Most people would be scared to meet a wild animal face to face, but not this beautiful kid. And this is exactly the situation he got in.

The boy approached a glass wall of the lion’s house. Zari, a seven-year old lioness tried to make friend with her new acquaintance. Trying to get out of the cage she scratched the glass and did her best to catch the boy’s hand, but that was in vain. And the boy himself, he was happy to get such a close attention from the grand wild animal.

The cute boy left the zoo with lots of new impressions. The meeting with the lioness obviously left may nice memories in his mind.

This extraordinary scene was filmed with a phone camera by the zoo director Rick LoBello.

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