Boy Went Out Of Class During The Meal Break Because He Had Nothing In His Lunch Box. When He Returned, This Happened!


One day a boy from a low-income family opened his lunch box during the meal break. He was very sad to see it was empty. His classmates were enjoying food, which parents had packed for them at home.

However, the boy couldn’t ask them to share. He was very proud. That’s why he hoped nobody didn’t spot that he was in need. He was determined to keep it in secret.

Finally, the boy decided to leave the class and take a walk around the school. He was very tired and hungry. To suppress the unpleasant feeling inside his stomach, he decided to drink water. However, this didn’t help.

Finally, the boy returned to the class and took his box to get it back to his bag. He was astonished, how heavy the container had become since he had lifted it. When he opened the box, he could hardly hold back his tears. Watch the video to find out why!