Boyfriend Disappears During Photo Shoot With Their Horse, Then He Comes Back Looking So Different

After nearly four years of dating, Matt was ready to propose to Emily. But he knew he couldn’t do it without finding a way to include Estella, Emily’s beloved horse, in the big surprise.

Matt secretly contacted Emily’s best friend, a professional photographer named Leslie. The friend happily agreed to keep a major secret from Emily.

Leslie told Emily she was planning to visit, and she wanted to shoot some beautiful photos of her and Estella. Matt could be in some of them, too. Emily was thrilled!

The photo shoot arrived, and it was a blistering hot day. Emily’s attention was so focused on walking up the hill with Estella that she barely noticed when Matt completely disappeared. Little did she know that Matt was running back to the car to change into a suit, then back out to the field to hide behind a huge light reflector.

Then, out of nowhere, Emily turned to discover what this photo shoot was really all about. “I was so overcome with emotion as I realized what was happening,” Emily said. “He put on this suit on the hottest day ever for me, and he had planned the biggest surprise of my life.”

But the best part of all was the fact that Estella was there, too. “Matt knew that no moment is more special than when the three of us are together,” Emily told

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