Brave Mom Who Almost Died Saving Children From Terrible Fire Recovers And Marries Their Father


Being a mother means putting your children’s life before yours, it is the instinct which leads women in dangerous situations, empowering them with courage and unnatural strength. It happened so with Angel Fiorini who selflessly threw herself into the fire in order to rescue her children. Angel is the mother of three kids, who lived in Spokane, Washington, one night she woke up suddenly from the trouble breathing and realized the whole room is filled with thick smoke. When she opened the door from her bedroom, the picture she saw shocked her to the core, the house was on fire with three kids inside. The woman did not have a moment to doubt, she rushed to their bedrooms.


It was easy to grab the youngest, Vinnie (4) and Rosaline (2), she run outside to put them in a safe place. But fire devoured the house so fast, coming back for the third daughter Giana (8) was a huge risk to the lives of both. But waiting might be deadly. Angel knew, she could not count on help this very moment, and she had to act quickly.

She got into the house again, this time she crawled and could barely open her eyes because of flames and smoke, when she dragged unconscious Gianna to the doorway, she saw their skin was coming off the flesh, but she kept moving. When she recollected herself, she was in hospital with the third-degree burns, as well as her daughter, but they were alive.


Angel recovered pretty quickly, overcoming bacterial pneumonia a pulmonary embolism which could kill her, 5 weeks after the accident though she went home. Home though was turned to aches. The family received massive support from the community, but Angela felt awkward to receive donations, she was simple astonished that so many people were willing to help.


Every cloud has a silver linen – Angel’s boyfriend and father of her children Aaron was away when the fire happened, and he came back just when Angel And Gianna were in the hospital. She looked after the ladies, and when his girlfriend recovered he proposed to her, so they got married soon after.

It is wonderful this story has a happy ending. Perhaps Aaron was inspired and impressed by Angel’s bravery and selflessness towards their children. Now the the whole family is safe and sound, and hopefully, happy.