Bullies Make Fun Of 6 Sons’ Long Hair, Then Mom Has Them Chop It All Off


Phoebe Kannisto of Cheektowga, New York, has six sons: a 10-year-old singleton, a set of 8-year-old identical twins, and 5-year-old fraternal triplets.

Andre, Silas, Emerson, Herbie, Reed, and Dexter decided to do something very special together as siblings. It all began three years ago, after a family friend lost a son to cancer. Some of Phoebe’s kids were close in age to the boy, so they decided they wanted to do something to help.

They grew out their hair to donate it all to Children with Hair Loss, a nonprofit organization.

“My three oldest sons donated their hair two years ago. My triplets were inspired and wanted to donate their hair, too,” Phoebe told Little Things.

Unfortunately, because it is still perceived as “unconventional” for boys to have long hair, the brothers endured bullying as they grew it out.

“Adults were more understanding when they found out the reasoning behind the long hair. Yes, even adults made remarks to the boys about their hair,” their mom said. “Not all kids know about hair donation. Some were more understanding after my sons would explain what it was… and some were not.”

After months of growing it out, the boys went to a local salon, Hizair. Together, they donated a whopping 17 feet of hair, all of it for a good cause. Considering the harsh responses they received, it’s wonderful to see that the young boys still found the kind act to be completely worth it.

“Their little sister desperately wanted to donate with them,” Phoebe told Inside Edition. “They promised her they’d all do it again. Next time, they plan on all seven of them donating together.”

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