Can You Find What’s Hidden In This Picture?


Have you ever had a hard time figuring out an optical illusion or even finding something hidden in a photo? Well, probably mot of us have experienced this at least once in our lives. It feels like our eyes are playing tricks on us, not seeing something on first glance and finally seeing anything hidden at a second careful and closer look.

Artists around the world have been making a lot of art that can be perceived as optical illusions, and right now, we’ll be testing our eyes for some of those awesome works. Are you ready for a visual exercise? Yes? Then, scroll down and let your imagination take over!

1. What’s hidden in these rocks? Can you tell?


Found it? There’s a model lying in the middle.

2. Do you think there’s something with these autumn leaves?


Yes, another painted model in the middle.

3. Wow, a tree frog… But what is it camouflaging?


There are 3 models in this picture making up the frog. Can you see them?

4. A beautiful chameleon… and more.


This is such a brilliant art. I had a difficult time figuring out if there really are models in this optical illusion.

5. Such beauty. This parrot looks amazing. But it’s not a parrot.


A model’s body was painted perfectly to look like a parrot.

6. I see trees.. and…


Wow, the paintings in these models’ bodies are so exactly like the background!

7. A very colorful fish…


When in reality, a model’s hands make the fins, feet make the tail and the painted tilted head makes the neck and face part.

The artist behind these wonderful creations? Johannes Stoetter! He paints bodies so perfectly that he can make a camouflage out of them once put in a certain background. Just wow!