Cat The Guardian: Family Cat Brings Down Would-Be Burglar In Indiana


Cats: fluffy cute animals that spend most of their time sleeping, eating and sometimes playing with their toys.

Most people keep cats as pets just for pleasure and don’t expect any benefit from them. We just want to pet and love them and that’s all.

Though, we often underestimate these cute creatures. We forget that, in fact, by their nature cats are wild animals. They have instincts of an apex predator in a cute fluffy body of a playful creature.

This family pet cat is now called a hero for doing something that surprised even his owners.

A burglary attempt in Indianapolis, IN has been foiled by a cat under the name of “Binky.”

The attempted burglar showed up to the Binky residence around midnight, and attempted to gain entry by claiming some people were out to kill him, and he needed to be let in to hide.

This failed to convince Cynthia Kootz, Binky’s owner/servant (depending on perspective.)

Then, all of a sudden, the burglar tried to force his way in through a window.

That’s when Binky decided to attack.


NBC4i reports: “The next thing I knew, his hand went through that thing and then Binky went after him,” said Kootz.

Binky launched a second attack when he tried yet a second time to get in the same window. Binky has no claws, so he used his teeth on the intruder while Kootz dialed 911.

“He even hasn’t got any claws. He can only bite and he got some pretty sharp fangs,” Kootz said.

Police captured the suspected burglar, identified as Earl Scruggs, as he ran away from the home. When asked why he was bleeding, 41-year-old explained that a cat in the house attacked him.

Man… Not only was he stopped by a cat, but a declawed cat! His lunch mates in jail are going to love that story!

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