Cop Decides To Shoot An 11-Year-Old Senior Dog, The Reason Is Making People Furious


A family dog by the name of Duke recently made a mistake that cost him his life and we wonder how anyone could ever be so cruel to an innocent animal. When he approached the officers, he was shot in the head. Just look at the face on this hound dog. We cannot imagine what he could have possibly done to warrant such a punishment and we cannot begin to fathom what could have been going through the officers’ minds.

To make matters even worse, the matter that led to the death of the Brooks family dog had nothing to do with them. The police were only in the area to investigate a boat that had been seen at a property across the street. The boat was not a belonging of the Brooks family. An eyewitness saw the entire event unfold and confirms that the dog had done nothing wrong.

All the dog did was come of his doggy door and his own natural curiosity was the cause of his demise. The idea of a police officer firing a weapon at an innocent animal just for poking its head out to see what was going hurts our hearts. The police are supposed to be here to protect and to serve, not to fire their weapons without just cause before any true trouble has taken place.

There is no way for this family’s dog to be replaced. Duke was an 11 year pup and his life was cut tragically short because of the cowardly actions of one group of police officers. While we firmly believe that police officers should be able to carry weapons in order to protect themselves, these weapons should not be used without serious consideration. A friendly dog is not a threat and should never be treated as such.

If a dog is not behaving in an aggressive manner, why would a police officer who has been trained on how to handle a variety of situations resort to shooting the animal? Anyone who defends this sort of behavior should take a serious look in the mirror and ask themselves why they feel compelled to do so.

Please share this story in order to raise awareness about the actions of these police officers. Let’s hope that we never have to read another story like this one again. As for Duke, we hope and pray that he is resting in peace.