Couple Was Expecting A Baby Girl But Something In The Ultrasound Caught Their Attention


While it can take a while for many babies to have a headful of hair, one little girl needed only a few weeks in the womb to achieve this.


Alexis Bartlette, who now 6-months-old, had so much hair that an ultrasound was able to detect this before she was born.


Her dad, Adrian, explained the moment they spotted this luscious hair during the ultrasound.  “At first we were both shocked, it wasn’t just her scalp, she had a hairy forehead and hair all over her back, not to mention her hairy butt.


“The ultrasound even showed up that she was going to be hairy so that was a clear indication she was going to be taking after me in those stakes.”


Since birth, Alexis has received a lot of admiration and attention due to her locks of beautiful brown hair.


Strangers are always stopping us wherever we go to the extent that we couldn’t imagine having a bald baby,” Adrian added.