Deer Stuck on Frozen Pond Is About To Lose Hope – Then Brave Firefighter Comes Just in Time to Save Its Life


If you think you know any heroes, you should probably consider finding out a few facts about firefighters and rescuers. These guys risk their own lives to protect life – even for animals!

In this special clip, you get to see just how much these people value life and safety. Here’s a deer that wandered off into the icy ponds and got itself trapped in there. The animal is almost falling through the ice, but the firefighters won’t let that happen!

One guy, Jeff Johnson (“JJ”), is tasked with saving this poor soul. He uses a sled that manages his weight so he doesn’t meet the same fate as the deer, and then he makes his way up to the animal and pulls it out. He works his way back to land and the deer walks off all free and safe. The cute creature even makes a pause to look back at him and say thank you!

This is just lovely. The people of Sunriver, Oregon, are lucky to have people like JJ around. Watch and Liked Video with friends!