Dilapidated Victorian House Desperately Needs Upgrade, Then Owners Change It From Top To Bottom


Renovating a house can be quite the undertaking. In fact, just owning a house requires constant attention: something always needs to be repaired or replaced.

So when Dawn Peters and Diana Krieg bought a Victorian home built in 1894, they had their work cut out for them. While the interior was still beautiful, the outside of the building required extensive repairs.

Diana and Dawn tried their best to keep most of the materials originally used to build the Queen Anne-style house. It had remained virtually untouched since being built — though it had been moved to avoid demolition in 2004.

They kept the beautiful stone porch, as well as the windows, but successfully upgraded the rest of the exterior, which is now bursting with color.

The two women also totally replanted the garden. They designed it to look like a Victorian garden, adding a fountain and a vegetable garden, among other details.

The before and after photos look quite different. They certainly did a wonderful job preserving the grounds and the house! It’s a slow process, but they enjoy it! It’s taken over seven years for Diana and Dawn to accomplish what they have so far, but they’re not done yet.

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