Do You Enjoy Taking Showers In The Mornings Or Before Bedtime? It Might Be Harmful To Your Body!


If you are like most people, you enjoy taking long hot showers in the morning or before bedtime. But did you know that this is probably doing more harm than good to your body? That’s right! Those hot showers with boiling water, steam filling your entire bathroom, and everything else, may not be the best habit for your health.

Dermatologist Patricia Farris  says, “As you grow older, your oil glands poop out on you, so you’re much more prone to dry skin. You have to adjust your bathing habits accordingly.”

Your skin is not the only one suffering from too hot water, our hair may also be damaged. You should also pay attention to your after-shower habits as they also may not be the most hygienic or the best for your skin! Check out some of the mistakes you might be making:

Wrapping your hair in a towel


You won’t lose your hair and get bald, of course, but wrapping your hair in a towel when it is still wet, definitely, is not the best idea. What you should do is to dry them patting with a dry towel, so that it doesn’t create knots, after lightly squeezing out excess moisture while still in the shower box.

Skipping a cold shower at the end



You usually take a very hot shower and leave right after it, right? Well, learn that 30 seconds of cold water after your hot shower can bring benefits for your health such as stress tolerance, a stronger immune system, and even burn some fat faster!

Conditioner on the scalp



Conditioner on the scalp, especially on the hairline, can accumulate fats and oils. Focus on the roots — the area that most requires care!

Long showers



Unfortunately, experts say that very long showers can leave your skin dry and itchy. 5 to 10 minutes showers are perfect. Sorry but it is time to say goodbye to those long and relaxing showers…

Not taking a shower after working out


It’s not just the bad smell you have to worry about. Excessive sweating is also attractive to bacteria, which will proliferate quickly and can be harmful for your health if you don’t take a shower soon.

Postponing the moisturizer


Getting out of the shower and just lay down in front of the TV can be one of the best things in life but it might not be that good for your skin. The best time to moisturize your skin is right after the shower as the skin is still damp.

Washing your hair everyday


You probably already heard this one. Washing your hair every day is bad. Ideally, you should wash it twice a week in case you have delicate or thin hair, and once a week for thicker or curly hair. This will help maintain the necessary hair oiliness.

Dry yourself too roughly


You are obviously not using a sandpaper to dry yourself but rubbing your skin too hard can damage it, especially when it is still damp and soft. The best option is to use a fluffy towel and lightly pat your skin to dry it.

Leave your sponge hanging in the shower box


These sponges can be great to use but they can accumulate all kinds of particles from our skin. If left wet, they will become a perfect place for bacteria and germs to grow. Wash the sponge thoroughly with soap, let it dry and leave it in a dry place to avoid bacteria!

Not washing your feet


You can even think that soapy water will wash your feet but without a good scrub foot fungus may appear. Wash your feet every day, especially between the toes, and don’t forget to dry thoroughly!