Do You Usually Dry Clothes Indoors? Read This And Never Do That Again!


Beware drying clothes indoors, because according to recent studies this can be very dangerous. Especially, if you have a weakened immune system or asthma.

A man from Boston recently got a lung infection, that was caused by mold from the wet clothes that he was drying indoors.

Craig Mather, 34, was said to have pulmonary aspergillosis, the doctor prescribed him antimicrobial medications and soon he felt better. Also doctor advised him to stop drying laundry inside him house and Craig decided to follow that advice as he is a father of three and worried about his children.

After a year, Craig felt his health improved.

The thing is drying the laundry indoors will make the water evaporate indoors, and that creates a perfect environment for spore germination. In general, human body is immune to potential infections, but those who have asthma or troubles with breathing and coughing are at risk of getting infected. Also, people who have AIDS or those who undergo chemotherapy are also at risk of pulmonary aspergillosis. This disease can seriously harm your health and even lead to fatal lung damage. That is why we do not recommend you to dry your laundry inside your house.