Doctor shows pregnant women the kind of dance moves that can help eliminate labour pain


Labour suck. That’s not breaking news. If you ask anyone around you for advice on how to make things easier, you will probably get dozens of ideas. But we doubt any of them include dancing the pain away.
This is exactly what one Brazilian doctor is showing women to do.


A physician is doing all he can to ensure that women in labour feel as minimal pain as possible. His method, which he says is backed by science, can help mums feel literally no pain. And this promise has convinced many people to try it out.

Dr Fernando Guedes da Cunha has become quite the Instagram sensation thanks to the pictures and videos he regularly uploads where he can be seen dancing with mums-to-be or taking pictures with labouring mommas. He said of his method:

Dance, walk, activities with a ball of physiotherapy and squats, are part of the patient’s verticalization, which greatly favours labour. We are increasingly trying to implement human measures to improve assistance to pregnant women.

One of his most viral videos yet is of him dancing to ‘Despacito’ with a pregnant patient. At first sight, these seem like regular dance moves but upon closer observation, you’ll notice the special body movements he incorporates into the process.

That particular video received over 109,000 Instagram views and almost a thousand comments.


His most effect moves always include squats, hip movements and shimmies.


While there is no confirmed proof that Dr Fernando’s special dance routines can completely get rid of labour pains, getting your body moving during the process has been shown to speed things up.

Besides, the fact that this doctor dedicates so much of his time to ensuring his pregnant patients are comfortable and pain-free is quite admirable.


You probably do not know a lot of people who can describe labour as ‘fun,’ but we imagine the lucky ladies in the videos can.