Don’t Adopt A Labrador Retriever. Here Are 10 Reasons Why


If you’ve ever had or come in contact with a Labrador retriever you’ll know exactly why they’re the most popular breed of dog in America.

Despite the fact that they are a fairly young breed of dog that is believed to have been recognized in the late 1800s, they were voted as America’s favorite breed of dog for 26 years in a row.

The Labrador retriever actually originated from an unofficial breed known at the St. John’s Water Dog, which is now extinct. They got their names from being working dogs in the Labrador Sea. Not only are them extremely intelligent, but they are super friendly, playful, and adorable.

Here are 10 reasons Lab owners wouldn’t want any other dog.

1) They hate to swim

Labrador retrievers have no idea how to do the dog paddle and will never jump at the chance to get wet and swim around.

2) Labrador Retrievers Are Not Cute At All

They are the least cute out of all of the dog breeds. Well, we may be biased but come on, I mean look at this guy. He’s not cute at all.


3) Labrador Retrievers Have Crazy Tails

They are big on wagging. They will wag those tails all day long.

4) Labrador Retrievers Hate Fetch

As you can see, these guys HATE to retrieve things… even if it is in their name.


5) Labrador Retrievers Are Neither Good Looking Nor Smart

They have no brains and no looks… Labrador retrievers really don’t offer much.
6) Labrador Retrievers Want the Food

They will eat ALL OF YOUR FOOD! And they want it now, in their mouths so they can gobble it all up.

7) Labrador Retrievers Shed

And when they shed, they shed BIG TIME. You knit that dog sweater a sweater with all that hair.
8) Labrador Retrievers Have No Energy

And sometimes they are so boring that they won’t play. I guess you could say they are the opposite of the Energizer Bunny.

9) Labrador Retrievers Are Super Mean Pets

They hate to cuddle and be around people. Especially, children and babies.
10) Labrador Retrievers Hate Showing Affection
They hate showing affection to their fellow dogs and humans alike. They are not loyal friends and are never there when you need them.


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