Emotional Reunion Of A Girl With Her Father, Who Turned Out To Be A Special Guest At A School Event


Soldiers, who are deployed to serve in another country, have to leave their family at home for quite a long time. They are waiting for the moment when they can finally see and hug each other again. You will be deeply touched after you see the reunion of a soldier with his daughter. Be ready to cry!

Haley Webb is a 8th grader, who had no idea that her father will visit the school. It was a surprise from her grandmother and father, who asked the staff at Bingham Middle School to host this special event. Haley’s father, U.S. Army Sgt. First Class Jason Webb was deployed in Korea two years ago. Of course, his family missed him a lot and were very happy that he is finally home.

Teacher asked a girl to introduce a special guest at a school event. But she didn’t realize that she was actually introducing her own father. It was an amazing reunion! Haley couldn’t hold her tears when she saw her dad. This video is so touching!

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