Famous ‘Laughing Quadruplets’ Take Internet By Storm And 16 Years Later They’re All Grown Up


In the early 2000s, a video of identical quadruplet girls took the internet by storm. The simple yet hilarious clip shows Grace, Emily, Mary Claire, and Anna lying on their mom’s stomach and laughing hysterically at their silly dad behind the camera.

The video of the sisters’ sharing in their utterly contagious laughter became beloved both online and on television. In fact, it was featured on America’s Funniest Home Videos and ended up winning.

The Mathias Quads from Lexington, South Carolina, are one of about 70 sets of quadruplets in the world. What makes them even more rare and incredible is the fact they were conceived naturally.

Years later, the viral video of the famous “laughing quadruplets” earned the title of the “Funniest Video of All Time.” In return, the Mathias family won $250,000 and made several appearances on talk shows.

In the video below, Oprah catches up with the girls — 16 years old and juniors in high school! Man, how times have changed.

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