Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard has a little fun with a sweet photo album of his new baby


When you’re the parent of a new baby, your finger has to be quick on the shutter to capture those precious faces and random smiles your infant flashes. They come and go quickly, and for no apparent reason.

Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard is one of those new parents, and boy, is he quick on the trigger when it comes to snapping photos of his first child, beautiful little Olivia Rose.

Tyler is so good at it that he actually got a sweet series of pictures of his princess that he was able to compile into a bit of a scrapbook. And they are precious images, to be sure. But it was when Daddy added his own captions that things took a turn for the humorous. It is then that we also saw that sweet little Olivia already has her celebrity pops wrapped around her tiny pink little finger.

caption says it all? || #tylerhubbard #oliviarose

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The first picture shows Olivia having a thoughtful moment about Dad’s credit card.

The next then shows the little rosebud casting a listening ear towards mom, Hayley, whom she believes made a great suggestion.


In the third photo, Olivia looks delighted that there’s another option.
And in the fourth, the overjoyed infant reaches shopping euphoria.
Now the photo album didn’t end there, but the final photo was provided by one of Florida Georgia Line’s great and extremely talented fans, who snagged one of the photos and did a side-by-side comparison.

Using the third photo and a shot from Tyler and Hayley’s wedding where the new dad has the same look on his face, we can sort of see a resemblance between Olivia and her famous father, at least in the same animated expressions. And even Tyler has to admit that the mashup is pretty awesome.

Sweet Olivia Rose is coming up on a month since her Dec. 23, 2017 birth, and it looks like she’s already changing and making all of the big progress a baby makes in that crucial first 30 days. And even though we’re sure T-Hubbs and Hayley have had their share of sleepless nights, it looks like the whole family is happy and healthy.

Tyler and his Florida Georgia Line bandmate Brian Kelley still have a couple more weeks before they have to leave their families for their first show of 2018 on Feb. 3 in Minnesota. They then have a few weeks off to enjoy family again before they start fair and festival season. We’re still waiting for a formal announcement on what the award-winning duo’s plans are for the remainder of the year, but you have to give it to them. They’ve been hitting it hard in both the studio and on the road for the past few years, so if they want to take a little time off, they’ve sure earned it.

But we can’t imagine that this dynamic pair wants to lay back for too long. Not with the loyal, enthusiastic and, obviously, creative fans that they have. We can’t blame them!