Good Dog Saves A Baby Deer From Drowning:


Meet Storm, the doggie who didn’t hesitate a second when he saw an unidentified animal drowning in the water and came to the rescue. As the dog approached the helpless creature, it turned out to be an injured baby deer.

The whole incident happened when Storm’s owner, Mike Freeley, was taking a walk with his canines. As soon as Storm got into action, his human started filming the whole scene. We see the dog gently dragging the deer in his mouth, just how he would do with a puppy.

Even on the shore, the pooch stayed by her side and licked her to keep the poor thing safe and warm. The dog and his owner were there until the representatives from Strong Island Animal Rescue arrived.
The rescuers from the shelter also had trouble with the disoriented deer when she jumped into the water and started drowning again. This time, a volunteer named Frankie Floridia went to save her.

Most importantly, the baby deer is being treated and is expected to make a full recovery, all thanks to the rescuers, and one very brave dog.

Meet Storm, the doggie who jumped into the water to rescue an unidentified drowning animal

It turned out to be an injured baby deer, and the doggie did his best to keep her warm


Storm and his owner stayed by the animal’s side until the rescuers arrived

Unfortunately, the baby deer managed to jump into the water again


This time, he was saved by one of the volunteers