Groom Lifts Bride’s Veil To Kiss Her, Then He Pauses And Shocks Their Guests With His Next Move


When we attend weddings, we are given the opportunity to experience some of the most special moments of a couple’s lives. Not only do we get to see them enjoy their first kiss as a lawfully wedded couple, but we also get to watch the first dance. Out of all these moments, the aforementioned ceremonial kiss is arguably the most touching of all and while some couples plan it out, others are willing to go off the cuff.

Before this moment can take place, a groom must unveil their bride and there is simply no preparation that can prepare a person for the emotion of this moment. This couple’s unveiling provides us with one of the most priceless wedding moments that we have ever seen, as Seun Ajayi (a well known actor) and his bride to be, Damilola, are on the verge of the long awaited lip lock.

Seun cannot contain his enthusiasm during the unveiling and if you ever wanted to see what true love looks like, this is the moment you have been waiting for. The video of this moment went viral and it is because of the reaction that Seun had to the big reveal. When he lifted the veil to look closer at his bride, he clapped his hands and busted a spin move from The Temptations handbook.

You simply cannot duplicate the type of joy that he was feeling in this moment and his million dollar smile lit up the entire room. While he is going to get to the kiss eventually, he cannot get over how good Damilola looks in this moment. Even the pastor gets in on the act, with a hilarious reaction that we would be hard pressed to mimic.

Seun did not care who was present or who was watching. He allowed his love for his wife to take control of him and his lack of restraint is one of the most charming things that we have ever seen. If it were up to us, then every single romantic comedy or Disney fairy would end up with a moment like this one. In his mind, he has won the romance jackpot and we treasure his blissful enthusiasm.

Seun’s excitement was evident in the weeks leading up to the big day, as he posted this message on social media about his bride-to-be:

“In November of 2015! At a time when I wasn’t even searching, God sent me a gift! A sweet soul wrapped in a boisterous and fun-loving personality. With a smile that literally lights up the room. ‘Anike’ a prize to be cherished; I can’t wait to chase 10,000 with you by my side. I’m super stoked we are here… The ride of a lifetime starts…”

If you would like to get a closer look at the couple’s first kiss, then be sure to watch this awesome video. Once you have seen the special moment for yourself, you will definitely want to pass it along to the hopeless romantics in your life immediately.