Has anyone told you why tauruses are cool? Here’s why!


It’s true, all of the signs have distinct qualities about them. But tell me – are you a Taurus or do you know someone who is? Then you HAVE to read this article about what makes Taurus awesome! You won’t regret it 🙂

1. REASON #1

Taurus are extremely reliable people. They are the ones you never have to worry about bailing on you at the last minute. They are true to their word!

2. REASON #2

Compared to the other signs, Taurus are the especially patient ones. This makes them great listeners, teachers, parents, and much more. Don’t worry about upsetting a Taurus, they are slow to anger!

3. REASON #3

Taurus really like working with their hands – and they are really good at it! If you know a Taurus, they probably enjoy something like cooking, gardening, knitting, or playing music. Isn’t it true?!

4. REASON #4

Taurus have a deep appreciation for beauty in the world and they try to surround themselves with it as much as possible. They are committed to preserving this beauty and adding to it with their own work!

5. REASON #5

Their appreciation for beauty in the world shows itself in the Taurus lucky colors: blue and green! And their lucky day is Friday – how fun is that?! Taurus know how to let loose and have a good time!

6. REASON #6

Taurus are practically minded people, but they also dream! They like to turn ideas into practical action and get things done. One thing is for certain – Taurus are not lazy!

7. REASON #7

In relationships, they are nurturing and tender. In fact, William Shakespeare was a Taurus! Maybe that explains the romantic flair Taurus have 😉

Liked Video this list with every Taurus you know – they will certainly appreciate it!