He Proposes To Her With A Diamond Ring. Soon She Finds A Receipt And Does Something Appalling


All girls from their early years dream about a perfect wedding, dress and diamond ring. At first glance, all these things seem so unimportant and secondary, but somehow the fact remains — all girls have their own idea of how a perfect proposal and wedding should look like.

So when the boyfriend of one beauty proposed to her, first, she was on cloud nine. Everything was as great as she wanted. But there was one tiny detail that spoiled the happy occasion. The diamond ring her fiance proposed with was too small for her.


The girl expected to see a huge diamond, but there appeared to be only a small one. She shared her thoughts on the Internet, asking for the help of strangers.


The girl explained that her fiance had a high salary, and he could have bought a more expensive diamond easily. What is more, she found a receipt and saw it cost only £1,300. She said she was afraid to say anything about that to him, but it was important for her that she liked the ring she would be wearing for her entire life.


You can imagine the reaction of people who read her post on the Internet! They accused the girl of selfishness and other negative traits.

And what do you think about this situation?