Her Adoptive Parents Gave Her A Box Bigger Than Her, But When She Opened It… And Burst Into TEARS!


A family surprised their newly adopted daughter in an amazing way on Christmas. Members of the family enter the living room and reveal a huge box to their daughter, covered in red wrapping paper and a big gold bow. The girl begins to try to open the box but she can’t. So, her father lifts up the box to reveal her special surprise.

The blonde girl was adopted via an agency, but lived in another state. So, when the parents went to pick her up, they met her foster sister. The girls were very close and the girl who was adopted didn’t stop worrying about her sister.


Shortly before Christmas, the family decided to look for her and surprise their new daughter with her inseparable sister. The best part of the reunion was that it wasn’t just a temporary trip. The adoption agency offered the family if they would like to adopt the other girl as well and they gladly accepted. So, now they’re real sisters. Here’s their emotional reunion.