Her husband put cameras in the house and then spied on her. What happened next will make you weep.


«Tempo» is a famous brand of tissues in Europe and the company recently decided to try a very interesting advertising strategy. They took a classic «keep the tissues ready» situation — the announcement of a pregnancy — and put a twist on it. Normally the woman is the one breaking the big news, but imagine what would happen if the tables were turned?…


Scoprire di aspettare un figlio è l’emozione più bella della vita. Ma se ci fosse un modo ancora più emozionante per vivere questo momento? Scopri tutto il progetto su www.testdigravidanzaperuomini.it #TestDiGravidanzaPerUomini

Posted by Tempo on Freitag, 7. April 2017

Now that’s a real tearjerker. Good thing they had those tissues handy!