Here’s What Your LIPS Say About Your Personality


The way your lips are shaped can often tell you a bit about your personality as studied by scientists. People with the following nine lip shapes have distinct personalities, and you can read them all below! What personality do you have according to your lips?
With these lips, it seems as if you’re more inclined to taking care of other people. It could be so that as a child you were feeding kittens and wanting to bring every animal to the animal shelter back home. You have a strong maternal instinct and tend to want to protect those around you. In a desperate situation, you would prefer to help other people before helping yourself. These kinds of people make the best parents.

Making it plain and straightforward, individuals with this sort of lip are drama queens. They are quite emotional and like it when the attention is on her. They think highly of themselves and are adept at bringing others towards them.
These kinds of people simply weren’t meant to sit in an office and do work as they think there are so many other interesting things to do in life. They know what it is to have fun truly and if you have lips like these, you want an active lifestyle with similar acquaintances. They like to go to new places and try new things and will probably lead a group of people to try new things.

People with normal lips that aren’t big or small but are just right usually take a balanced approach to things. Balanced is the good word for them as they don’t go overboard in their emotions and often take criticism lightly while dishing out criticism lightly as well. They hardly ever get mad and greatly prefer to enjoy the good in life rather than worry about the wrong. They’re great to catch up with and have a drink with.

5If you have lips like these, then you are more often than not a loner. We don’t mean that in a bad way. They prefer to be alone sometimes as they are self-reliant and can quickly solve problems all on their own. They are the type of person that goes on trips all on their own. It does not mean they can’t handle a group of people, though. They are comfortable in a group of people and appreciate the positive actions of others.

People with these lips are the creative ones. They can end up being musicians, artists, dancers and actors due to their creativity. They like to be social and will likely keep in touch with people in their social circles even years on. They like to express themselves and are often very good at what they do.
If your lip is like this, you are most likely a very kind person. However, one downside is you can also be a bit sensitive sometimes. You can get deeply upset by any misfortune. You try and help the less fortunate ones around you, and you enjoy doing that. Many people prefer working in companies that focus on helping others. These are the people who make you see “I have faith in humanity!”

These people are among the most reliable people you know. They do whatever it takes to do the things they’ve said they’ll do! They aren’t worried by deadlines because they know they’ll get whatever work they need to do before it. People know they can be relied upon as they are the kind of people to show up, solve a problem all at once, and go home.

These people are the mischief-makers among us. They prioritize their comfort over other things and believe no one will take care of them unless they take care of themselves first. They’re not selfish people even if that is your first impression of them. They are devoted friends and will be the first to help you if you need it. They will do what they can to help you as long they don’t put themselves in harm’s way.
People with a thin upper lip have unmatched leadership capabilities. It seems as if nothing will stop them from getting what they want. They are good at convincing people and usually prefer their way of doing things. They often find success, but they can be hard to find romantic partners for as they prioritize work over anything else.