His mother asked the doctors to cut open her 7-year-old son for her own safety


At the tender age of five, Chen Xiaotian was diagnosed with a fatal brain tumor which made him blind. The news of his imminent death was devastating for his small family. Worse yet, his mother, Zhou Lu, was diagnosed with a severe kidney illness, menacing her life as well. It was at this juncture that a fateful decision had to be made.

Here’s little Chen in his mother’s arms. This picture was taken during happier times when no one suspected what lied ahead of them.

Just after Chen turned five, the horrific diagnosis came: a giant brain tumor threatened his life with no escape. Soon afterward, Chen lost his eyesight. But his mother did not leave his side.


For days on end Chen laid parlayed in bed, unable to speak. When he learned that his mother was also seriously ill, things only went further downhill.


Zhou suffered a severe renal failure. Her kidneys’ functions were so damaged that only a transplant would help.


The doctors told her the only readily available donor was her son. But she refused the idea outright.


Then brave little Chen heard of his mother’s refusal. Mustering the last of his strength, he implored her: “If you get better, Mama, I will live on through you!”


One April morning, little Chen fell asleep for the last time. The transplant was prepared as quickly as possible. But beforehand, something amazing happened: all the doctors bowed to little Chen to salute his courage.


Not waiting any time, doctors performed the transplant and there were no complications. Zhou’s body accepted the kidney and she made a quick recovery.

The mother was eternally grateful for what her son did for her. Thank you Chen!

In addition to his mother, Chen saved two other lives as well. His heroism is a shining example of his love for his mother. His deed has gained the respect of the whole world.

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