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31-year-old Anton Kudryavtsev lost his beloved wife and nursed their six children alone.

His wife died of cancer. Anton and Anya already had three children. They were waiting for the next three when his wife was diagnosed tumor. Anya decided to sacrifice her life to save the lives of future triplets.


Journalists did the story about the single father who was bringing up 6 children, and Anton became famous all over the country. Hundreds of letters from fans started to arrive.

Among other fans, Anton read a letter from Lyudmila. Her lines immediately hooked the man. After a brief correspondence, they agreed on a date. Anton decided to take the children to the meeting and has not lost.


Luda immediately charmed the man and his children. Anton’s daughters literally jumped in Lyudmila’s arms. And the eldest son even told his dad about a new friend: “We need to take her. She is good!”

After a while Lyudmila, who already had one child from her first marriage, admitted that she had seen a prophetic dream. She dreamed that she was bringing up seven children. The next day, she saw a report about Anton, and realized that it was fate!

The wedding was modest. Anton and Lyudmila married in the village church.


Anton and Luda helped rehab center employees. One of the center patients died, leaving two children orphaned. The kids were not wanted, and Lyudmila has offered to take them to the family. 4

The family has a small farm. Anton has a repair team, which deals with finishing works. But money is still missing.

And while the adults solve their problems, children enjoy their new life waiting for a miracle. Santa Claus rides from the Great Ustyug. He promised them a lot of gifts!

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