Homeless Man Refuses To Leave A Store So Workers Called The Cops — Officer Arrives To Find Something Shocking


José Flores is a very dedicated police officer. This was why he did not dawdle when he got a call that a homeless man was refusing to leave a Lowe’s Home Improvement building.

He responds to the call immediately for he fears things can get ugly quickly if he wastes any time.

As he approached the store, he prepares to face the worst, knowing how people can be when they do not get their way. But he discovers something very unexpected when he arrives.

Instead of the store workers kicking out the poor homeless man, they had gathered money for him. The staff had also found an available shelter for him to stay.

Officer Flores is floored at the kindness exhibited by these people. He decides to do his own part to help out the man.

Even though all he has to do is transport the homeless man to a shelter, Flores couldn’t bear to do just that. Especially after he notices that the man is underdressed despite the cold weather.

The police officer takes the man to a nearby department store to get him new boots, socks and gloves.

Flores makes sure that the man is in comfortable clothes before dropping him off at the shelter.

It is such a beautiful thing when people pitch in to help those who need it. Hopefully, Office Flores’ story of love and kindness will inspire you to lend a helping hand when you can.

Source: Faithtap