It’s Time To Take A Break And Find What’s Hidden!


We know that you work hard every day, but you have to take small breaks so your eyes and your brain can rest. We propose another game to find a well hidden object. Well, of course, you have to devote your attention to it, but at least you could forget all your mandatory tasks. At least for 5 minutes.

Here is an image for you, created by the artist Dudolf (he has plenty all over). You have to find the hidden object. Here, in this picture, you see a lot of cute little pigs. And you must find a four-leaf clover. Look carefully! It is said that a four-leaf clover brings happiness. So why not if you find it?

And of course, as usual, we all have the answers for you. So if you have not succeeded, here is where it was hidden. This picture isn’t too hard, is it?