Kids Covered Puppy in Glue, Then Threw Him in Mud. You Wouldn’t Recognize Him Just Three Months Later


The day they found him, Pascal was hopeless. Some kids had smeared his whole body with glue and left him to die in the streets of Istanbul, Turkey. With the adhesive on his body, Pascal attracted all manner of stuff that got stuck on his fur. At some point, he couldn’t even move. The guys from He’Art of Rescue saved the innocent dog from certain death.

At the rescue center, they had to get rid of the glue, and that meant shaving off his whole body. They did that. They then showered the cute being with all their love and attention over the next few months till he was confident enough to trust humans again. He learned to make friends with humans as well as other animals. And then something nicer happened!

Pascal was adopted by a nice human from Spain. He now spends his holidays in the Spanish beaches and all the nice places of the country. You want to see him now. Watch this video and hit Liked Video!