Little Fox Finds Himself In Big Trouble. When He Spots A Human Passing By, He Decides To Ask For Help


We all find ourselves in hairy situations from time to time and sometimes, we simply can’t get out of it without help. As humans, the natural thing to do is turn to someone for assistance and evidently, this fox cub feels the same way too.

A little fox somehow found himself in the oddest situation possible– with his face stuck in a glass. We can imagine how scared he must have been since it was possible that he might have been experiencing difficulty breathing.

One just has to wonder how the adorable fox got himself in such a pickle. One thing was for sure, he knew he needed to get that thing off his face.

He pranced around looking for help and thankfully, he found a kind trucker. The troubled fox approached the man who then reached down to help get the glass off the creature’s face.

Watch what happens after the fox got freed in the video below. Don’t forget to share.