Man Finds Red Blob Inside Giant Egg, Then Dumps It In A Bowl To Take A Closer Look


Nature has a funny way of surprising us when we expect it the least. Sometimes, it’s witnessing an animal birth close to home, or in the case of Gary Ashmore, it’s finding an incredibly large egg under one of his hens, Gertrude.

But this wasn’t the first time Gertrude had produced an unusually large egg. She’d done this five other times!

This time, Gary wanted to show everyone exactly what was inside one of those eggs.

On camera, he carefully cracks and peels it open. You can clearly see the yolk inside, but there’s a funny-looking red blob pushing up against it.

He pours out the yolk, and it’s clear what’s left at the bottom: It’s another egg!

Gary explains that Gertrude has had no issue pushing out these extra-large eggs, and that she’s been perfectly healthy since they started appearing. This is rare enough, but not unheard of. Although, Gertrude must be one lucky hen because of all the times it’s happened to her!

Gary also notes that the jumbo-size eggs don’t taste any different than regular-size ones.

Have you ever seen or held one of these incredible eggs in person? Let us know what the experience was like in the comments!

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