Man Frees Wild Horse From Chains, But Has No Idea He’s About to Receive The ‘Thank You’ Of a Lifetime


Horses are such majestic animals that have been part of the human civilization for so long. However, some people seem to always want to restrict their horse’s movements. In fact, there’s this trick they use in Romania where a horse’s forelegs are chained together with a short chain so the animal doesn’t run fast.

The story here is about this horse that had its legs chained. The chain was starting to dig into the horse’s flesh and hurting the innocent animal. All that came to an end when this guy showed up. Ovidiu Rosu works with FOUR PAWS, and he has a passion about animal safety. He definitely couldn’t walk away from a hurting animal.

So he walked over to the horse and pulled out his tools of trade. He got down to business. He worked his way to cut off the chain and free the horse. By the time he was finished, the animal was free. But it’s what happened next that has this video breaking the internet. You want to see how the horse thanks him. It’s awesomely fulfilling!

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