Massage these foot spots to soothe a crying or cranky baby


We are ready for anything to soothe the crying baby! During the first year of their life, they can suffer from pain and discomfort due to growing fast and adjusting all systems to our world.
The most common is pain from teething, and colic ( an abdomen pain). You will understand a baby is suffering when you notice changes in crying patterns, crying while nursing or prolonged and intense crying or whining.

Parents know how disturbing it is to feel helpless to comfort a child when he is experiencing pain. Although reflexology reassures, you can bring relief to a crying baby by massaging his feet.
This is an alternative way to help. Experts in reflexology say there are special spots on our feet and palms, which correlate with parts of the body.

Probably that’s what most mothers do instinctively – massage cranky baby’s feet, and they see it can bring positive results.

Each spot of the food is responsible for certain organ.

— Head and teeth,

— sinuses,

— lungs,

— solar plexus,

— upper abdomen,

— lower abdomen,

— pelvis.


To begin with – rub a baby’s foot gently in order to warm it up and promote blood circulation. Find the spot you need to massage and use a technique that feels natural to you.
In reflexology, “walking thumb” is a popular massage technique. The key is to grab a foot with your palm, press a thumb to the spot you need, and start bending it. You can try circular movements as well.

It is important to use a gentle pressure. But if you feel, your baby pulls away the feet from you, he is not enjoying it, and it is better to stop.

Massage session may last for 5 or 10 seconds, and you can perform it anytime.
The most precious thing is to see your baby calm and comfortable again.