Meet The Rare Creature, Known As “The Most Beautiful Horse In The World”


Our world is really beautiful, but we often forget about it. Caught in daily humdrum, we hardly ever look around and see the beauty of flowers, mountains, lakes and rivers, hills, and animals.

Among animals, this one can be definitely called the nature’s masterpiece. It’s Akhal-Teke, the Turkmenian horse breed known for its stunning appearance.

All horses are gorgeous, but this breed stands out from all the others. Akhal-Tekes have light-colored coats with metallic shine.


Chinese call them “heavenly horses”. It’s quite a rare breed. By now, there are 1 250 horses in the world. The secret behind Akhal-Teke’s coat brilliance is the unique structure of hairs.


Research shows, that proteins in each hair tie up in a special way, that makes the horse’s coat reflect light as if it was made of metal. What a magnificent genetic trait!


Soo beautiful! If only I could see those horses alive!