Meet The Tiniest Horse In The World! He is Adorable!


This tiny foal is only three days old, but he is already enjoying life. Probably this little horse is the cutest animal ever. Watch how this little pal is raising a field trying to catch his owner!

The video shows the nicest process of the tiny horse running after a man. The man named Sebastian is an owner of this cutie. Foal’s mommy watches their raising trying to hold her peace, but steps in after all. Watching this little one playing with his owner will make you want to adopt one. But you should think carefully first. Tiny horses are as well as ordinary ones require much of professional care. So that, many of these nice animals are abandoned, as their irresponsible owners could not take care of them.

Watching this cute foal play with his owner made me laugh much! Let yourself rejoice for a while!