Men Tell Girl At Gym To Quit ‘Showing Off Her Body’ In Sports Bra, So Workout Buddy Fires Back


If you’ve ever been to the gym, you probably know what it feels like to walk into a boys’ club. Women may outnumber men in the total world population, but that usually stops being true once you walk through the gym doors.

Of course, this doesn’t mean women don’t work out — they most certainly do, but certain areas of the gym are definitely more male-dominated than others.

One of these areas is the weight room, typically full of muscle-bound dudes doing bicep curls. It can admittedly be daunting to break the barrier.

Louise, a Paris-based fitness model, is familiar with being outnumbered in the weight room, though she doesn’t let this bother her.

However, when she noticed a fellow female gym-goer sweating profusely while wearing a long-sleeved top, it made her wonder why the other woman was subjecting herself to such discomfort instead of simply working out in a sports bra.

When she decided to ask the woman herself, the answer floored her.

It all started when French fitness blogger Louise headed to the gym. There, she witnessed another woman intimidated into wearing impractical, heavy clothes for a heavy-duty workout.

Louise posted a picture of two equally acceptable gym outfits. The image quickly took off, with more than 20,000 likes on Instagram.

Louise is all about working out for yourself and your own well-being rather than doing it to fit in or meet societal standards. Part of this, of course, is being comfortable.

When Louise asked the other woman in the weight room why she was wearing a long-sleeved top instead of just a sports bra in the hot and sweaty gym, she heard a story that angered her: apparently, the woman had been shamed into covering up by men at the gym.

Louise writes:

As I was doing my deadlifts in the crossfit room today, a girl walked in.

She started practicing her pull ups.

Counting her, we were 2 women and 5 men in the room.

I saw her getting really sweaty as time passed, but she was keeping her long sleeves top on.

In the lockers, I saw she had a sport bra underneath.

I kindly asked her: “Why did you keep your top on while you were training? It was so hot in the room!”

She hesitated, and answered: “I do not feel comfortable wearing a sport bra at the gym since a guy told me I wanted to show off my body.”

EXCUZEEEE ME. I was so p*ssed off.

I almost asked her which guy told her this so I could give him a little pep talk.

So guys can train shirtless, but women would not have the right to work out in a sports bra?

H*LL YES YOU CAN GIRL. Do not let anyone tell you how you should behave.

Sports bras have been created FOR this purpose, so please, do not feel ashamed wearing it at the gym, especially when it is so warm.

For your health, for you comfort, and even more simply for yourself.

Of course, that doesn’t mean everyone has to wear a sports bra to work out. Plenty of people are just more comfortable covered up.

The point is, no one should be able to bully you one way or another.

You should always be able to decide what to wear based on what makes you comfortable, and not based on what might make others uncomfortable.

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