Mom Is In Labor, Then Hears Twin Sister Checked Into Hospital Room Next Door


Kim Abraham and Danielle Grant are 32-year-old twin sisters that have left doctors perplexed. The fraternal twins do everything together, so when they found out they were pregnant at the same time, they were delighted.

Kim took a pregnancy test, called her sister to tell her to take one, and then they shared the positive results together.

“We always wanted it to happen the same time, but the thought of it actually happening is crazy, so we’re excited,” Danielle told Inside Edition. “We found out the same day.”

The sisters spent their nine months going to appointments together, getting ultrasounds together, and indulging in their cravings together. They even shared a gender reveal party.

Both were discovered to be carrying boys. Soon after, Kim and Danielle learned they had the same due date: April 22.

“We thought it would be a couple days off. It was definitely unbelievable. It was awesome,” Danielle said. “The chance of actually going on your due date is not good, so we’re like, ‘They’re never going to be born the same day. Just a couple days. It’s still really cool.’”

However, April 22 came and neither of the sisters went into labor. Instead they had to have their labors induced. Kim and Danielle both gave birth on April 28 in hospital rooms adjacent to one another.

“Yes, we were texting each other and FaceTiming each other to see what was going on and how she was doing and how I was doing. My mom was there — back and forth — in between the rooms and then our husbands were in between the rooms just to see what was going on,” Danielle said.

Danielle gave birth to baby Roman first, then about three hours later, Kim gave birth baby Aaron.

“We’re excited for the future,” Kim said.

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