Mom Opens Changing Table In Target Bathroom, Then Finds A Strange Ziploc Bag Inside


Realizing your baby needs a diaper change is never pleasant, especially when you need to use a public changing table.

Changing diapers is a distinctly unappealing chore, but there’s no putting it off. If a baby is damp or uncomfortable, he’s going to loudly let you know that he needs it now.

Unfortunately, this always seems to happen when you’re out and about. That’s why so many moms have become well-acquainted with the complications of trying to change an upset baby on a public table.

Any kind of public bathroom experience is challenging with kids, but the diaper change is a especially complicated — and Lord help you if you accidentally forgot to restock the diaper bag!

Fortunately, a group of women all over the country have come together to fix this problem.

These unknown women, who probably don’t even know each other, have created a chain of kindness by occasionally placing a stocked bag of diapers on a public changing table.

Grateful moms have discovered these little diaper goodie bags all over the country. We think this is a trend that everyone should get behind!

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After one mom took to Facebook praising the kind stranger who helped her daughter get comfortable using a public potty, other moms chimed in with their own similar experiences!

One woman added a photo to the comments section of the post, sharing an amazing act of kindness that she spotted in her local Target store.

People reading her post and looking at the photo were blown away: Nearly 3,000 people liked the photo. We hope that means this trend is catching on!


Joy Clyde wrote that she went into a Target bathroom and discovered a large Ziploc bag sitting on the changing table. The bag was packed full of clean diapers and wipes.

Joy wrote: “This was in our local Target store and thankfully I didn’t need but thought it was awesome. Good people everywhere.”

There was also a note tucked inside the bag, which read: “We have all been there, forgot diapers, wipes, and your little one just exploded their pants! Hopefully this helps! Take what you need or leave any extra! Remember, it takes an army to raise children, so lets [sic] all help each other! A mom who has needed help, many times.”


We have to admit, we wish we thought of this idea first!

It’s always challenging to find yourself in a public bathroom with a crying baby, only to discover that your pack of wipes is empty or you accidentally forgot to pack more diapers.

It really does take a village, so we love the idea of leaving a pack of extra diapers and other cleanup gear for moms who might need it!

In fact, it already looks like the trend is catching on across the country.


One mom ran out of diapers in a HomeGoods store and was delighted (and relieved!) to find a tidy stack of diapers on the changing table.

Mom Christina Causland posted a photo of the diapers on Instagram, along with the attached note, which read: “I once found myself in this exact spot with a newborn with a crazy blow out and no DIAPERS or WIPES. An unmitigated disaster, that was. Just in case you have found yourself in the same sort of pickle, I brought in some wipes and diapers to save the day. Good luck out there! Sarah”


Christina isn’t the only mom to encounter a benevolent “diaper fairy” in a moment of need.

This well-wisher left packets of wipes and diapers wrapped in twine in a public bathroom near her home.

She tied them off with simple tags reading, “Please enjoy this simple act of KINDNESS!!!”


Another woman, Tracey McElhone, spotted some similar packets of diapers and wipes at the Flower Mound Public Library.

She told LittleThings, “My kids are long out of diapers, but I thought it was a lovely gesture.”

These notes read, “A Free Gift….Be encouraged today! Every good and perfect gift is from above….James 1:17″

A verse from the Bible was a sweet addition!


What do you think of this adorable way of paying it forward for moms everywhere?

We’re so inspired, we might make a few of these anonymous diaper bags ourselves!

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