Mom’s Crushed When Teen Is Too Bullied To Attend Prom, Posts Her Dress On Facebook For Revenge


After enduring months of alleged bullying at the hands of her classmates, Shannon Purcifer, 16, decided not to attend prom.

Shannon suffers from arthritis and the bowel disease ulcerative colitis, which causes inflammation and ulcers in her colon. The illnesses have left Shannon hospital-bound for weeks at a time.

She claims her peers have taunted and teased her to no end, along with resorting to physical intimidation. In an effort to stop the bullies, teachers have given her private rooms during break times. She’s even had to change her phone number.

Recently, Shannon’s heartbroken mom Claire posted an emotional picture on Facebook. In the photo, Shannon poses in her unused, floor-length white dress on the night she was supposed to attend prom in Hampshire, UK. Shannon had been excited for the big event for months. She’d even made sure to buy her dream dress far in advance.

In Claire’s Facebook post, she wrote:

“If Shannon had gone to prom tonight, she would have worn this beautiful dress. Thanks to nasty, vile bullies, Shannon decided she didn’t want to go and mix with scum that made her so miserable. For a girl that has had so much to deal with in life — coeliac disease, ulcerative colitis, and rheumatoid arthritis — she is one strong young lady with an even stronger mind. Love you, girl.”

But then, something amazing happened. Friends and strangers alike saw Claire’s post and came up with a brilliant idea.

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