Mother Of 5 Adopted The 3 Children Of Her Dead Neighbor, Then Karma Knocked On Her Door


Audrey, a single mother of 3, asked her neighbor, Tisha, a mother of 5, to take care of her kids while she went to the hospital to do some tests. Audrey didn’t know she was about to die…



A day of tests turned into a month of consults, more tests and bad news. Doctors diagnosed her with stage 2 esophageal and stomach cancer. At that time, they told her she had one year left to live and she should make all the necessary arrangements.



But, the doctors were wrong… she was dead in two weeks.

Before dying, Audrey asked her neighbor and new friend (before that they didn’t really know each other), Tisha, and her husband, Kevin, if they could look after her 3 children when she died.

Although they already had five children, Tisha and her husband accepted to look after Audrey’s 3 kids.



But the Beauchmins’ house wasn’t big enough for the authorities to allow them to stay with the 3 kids, now orphans. There was enough space, but they were living piled on top of each other, sharing beds and occupying every space of the house.



The authorities demanded they put a new wall in a room to convert it into an appropriate bedroom. Without that construction work, they wouldn’t be allowed to adopt them. But where would they get the money from? They began to despair.



Here is where Karma shows up. Thanks to a neighbor, a TV crew knew about the situation and decided to visit the family. They told them they were aware of their situation and they had arranged for a construction crew to build the wall that the authorities required.



So, they asked them to move out of the house for a few days for the workers to do the job faster. But they didn’t know it was a trick to get them out of their house.

The plan was to transform the entire house: walls, carpets, furniture, electronic appliances, final touches, everything. The transformation was complete. They even threw in free food for a year.


But there’s nothing quite like seeing the story for yourself in the video here:

That family did something beautiful for a neighbor and her children. They welcomed them into their own family and that’s why karma knocked on their door… how wonderful!