Mum is slammed for letting her three-year-old daughter star in YouTube make-up tutorials


A mum has been slammed for allowing her young daughter to star in YouTube videos where she applies make-up.

Suella’s 3-year-old named Liriana films make-up tutorials and even has her own channel on the site.

‘A day in the life of a bubbly 3 year old! Liriana loves to play, dance, sing, and do her own makeup! She plays dress up and has tea parties with her dolls and her little brother,’ the blurb on her account states.


Liriana’s skills went viral after a clip of her expertly applying products to her face was shared by My Make-Up Cover, who has over 142,000 followers.

Outraged by what they had witnessed, a number of the page’s followers voiced their opinions.

‘She is way to young to be putting on make-up,’ said one.

Another added: ‘I like how everyone’s like she’s just playing with make up but no one is saying that it’s wrong for a three-year-old put toxic chemicals that are in make up all over their face that could cause her break out or getting irritation or something.’

But quick to defend her daughter’s actions, Suella hit back at her critics by arguing that her little one is simply playing.

‘My daughter does not wake up and put makeup on. She just loves to play with it from time to time and I have no problem allowing her to do it because we’ve all done it,’ Suella told Yahoo Beauty.

‘I started to record her doing her makeup for my family so when I was reading people’s comments saying I’m trying to sell her or taking away her innocence or making her not love herself without makeup, I was baffled. I don’t think any mother would bring that negativity to their child. This is all for fun.’